Elevating Equipment Performance and Sustainability

Our dedication is rooted in the desire to improve safety, efficiency and the environment in this sector.

Primary Services

Safety, environment, availability, time efficiency and costs are decisive factors in our choice of method. Our approach to process equipment cleaning is thorough and we adapt to unique challenges to ensure the best possible results.


Circulation method

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Cooking method

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Chemical steaming

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Tank cleaning

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Removal of Scale

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Safety in the cleaning process

We use the safest method of cleaning separators, with the entire cleaning process carried out in a closed system. This eliminates the need to lower gas meters in and around separators during washing and entry, and prevents gas leakage.

Our method also reduces unwanted oil and gas leaks when blinding, as we only wash with a shutdown plan before entry and then implement a blinding plan. This saves time and avoids environmentally dangerous oil spills.

When we open a separator, our technology makes it safe by ensuring that gas leaks show 00 LEL. This eliminates the risk of explosions or fire associated with older methods.

Availability in the cleaning process

During the entire washing process, we ensure that the area around the separators remains clean and free of oil spills on deck and in the sea. Water samples are regularly taken and laboratory analyzes are carried out to ensure that the discharge of washing water remains within permitted limits. We also provide the option of pumping washing water to injection wells if available on the platform, or transporting it to shore.

All chemicals used by Zymetech are carefully tested, classified and approved for offshore use. Our goal is to develop and use only environmentally friendly green chemicals. Everything we do is aimed at improving the environment for those who will take over the separator after our efforts.

Availability in the cleaning process

Our cleaning method offers special advantages, especially during audit shutdowns when several operations are going on at the same time, and many employees are on board. It provides increased accessibility for work areas and the possibility of undisturbed simultaneous operations. People can work next to and around the separators without risk.

This enables efficient welding operations and other work tasks next to the separator area without exposing anyone to the risk of fire.

Time, Efficiency and Costs

Our cleaning method prioritizes efficiency and time savings. Traditional methods take a long time, and dry steaming can take up to 20 hours, in addition to the necessary cooling and evacuation due to gas alarms. This is followed by high-pressure flushing for cleaning, which is also time-consuming. It takes time, but we know that our technology is at least 24 hours faster and more effective than traditional cleaning methods.

In addition, it generates less waste for disposal. When it comes to costs, our method helps to make audit stops and shutdowns more efficient, and thus time consumption is significantly reduced. With good planning, we can complete assignments in a very short time, often in just two days.

Facilities and Equipment

Our technology is applicable for cleaning various facilities and equipment, including:

  1. Test separator
  2. Electrostatic Kohleser
  3. 1-stage separator
  4. Flash Drum for closed drainage
  5. 2-stage separator
  6. All types of oil/gas containers and tanks
  7. 3-stage separator
  8. All types of oil/gas containers and towers
  9. 4-stage separator
  10. All types of heat exchangers for oil or gas
  11. Product water separator
  12. All types of process pipes for oil and gas

With our technology, you get dramatically reduced downtime.

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